Saturday, May 1, 2010

Man...I'm parched

Sorry for the glib title, but serious matters abound!


Tom Lehrer taught me a while ago:
If you visit American City
You will find it very pretty...
Just 2 things of which you must beware:

Don't drink the water and don't breath the air!

And to top it all off...we're expecting 90 degrees on Sunday. MAY 2nd!!! Too hot...too soon. I moved away from this crappy heat.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hellhole Spring

As I walked home today, I noticed that Spring may really be here. Now if only they could fill the reflecting pool at The First Church of Christ, Scientist. [Soon Michael, soon!]

I totally agree with Duncan's observation...Urban Hellholes are less cavernous then you may think. I think that's the New York City view for most...and yeah, there are urban canyons all over that little island. But for the most part, our lovely hellhole here is not really that elevated (hell, we even started taking down some of our elevated stuff a while back...remember Orange Line T route, elevated Central Artery, Green Line T near the Garden).

Just a quick note on weather, too. I mentioned to my father about it not being a really hard winter for me, and he reacted with surprise. Which sorta surprised me. What I think may have happened is that he viewed the troubles Washington DC, Philadelphia, New York's weather with ours. This year, I'd say we were spared a lot of the pain they had...not to diminish the snow we did did make the city look pretty (that's why I moved here).

Right now, it is still 55 degrees (F). That's pretty warm this late in the day and this early in the Spring. Look at this weather pattern so far this month:

We've pretty much already had 2 heat waves (two three day periods of well above normal temperature)...that's sorta what I see, but I'm no Al Roker. Seems this summer may end up being pretty harsh. For God's sake, I could golf tomorrow when it will be 70+ (F).

I'm still not knocking it...and I will get outside, but still...warm, isn't it?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Shame on Shaw's

Fresh food is something I think we all take for granted. I don't know if everyone knows that there are people behind getting that fresh food to your local market.

Our local mega-mart (Shaw's, formerly Stah Mahket) wants to cut the health care bene's of our local distribution center/warehouse workers. I don't think this is right or just...especially in these trying times [hopefully, a better health care system is in the works from our congressional leaders, but who the hell knows when they'll get 'round to it!]. I appreciate the market wants to show a profit...but not at a cost to the backbone of the business.

Here's the background:

Therefore, starting today...I'll stop shopping at Shaw's until this gets resolved.

Sounds from the articles that Stop-n-Shop (the other mega-mart in the area) did avoid this. I don't know about you, but I think it'd suck getting a pay/benefit cut when I'm sure there were times when the market did well, profit-wise.

The union (UFCW local 791) has more details about the strike. I recommend fellow Bostonians avoid going into your local Shaw's and try some of the other vendors in your neighborhood...maybe try picking up your groceries at several different locales. For me, I'm hoping the farmer's market in Copley Square opens soon; but, I'll take my biz to Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, CVS (for detergent, cleaners, etc.) and others until the parties sort this thing out. I'm hoping the Shaw's understand they are wrong in this issue, but who knows...maybe they really don't care?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What a difference a month makes

See...wasn't too long ago we were complaining about snow. And BANG! nice weather.

These are from the "hood" (as the kidz say)...the Mother Church for Christian Scientists and the reflecting pool. Unfortunately, we're about a month away from when they fill the pool and you get great reflections of the city.

I saw more people out today than I have in months. And, it was great! Of course, I do believe it's too early for flip flops, but to each his/her own.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Snow in the Urban Hellhole is rather mundane...unless it's over a meter's worth.

To wit:

Even a good hard downpour doesn't really slow you down when living in an efficient environ. I understand it's inconvenient when it snows, but still, get a'll all melt sooner and later. Then everyone will complain about the lack of a springtime and how hot it will be tomorrow.
I understand even my niece in suburban DC is even tired of the winter...heh!
Wait until it happens again in 8-11 years. It was like that in the years I lived there. Dumps of snow followed by years of golf weather in late January...funneh that Mother Nature.
I appreciate that the winter can suck sometimes...but so can the other seasons. Don't knock the cold...enjoy it. It ain't gonna last forever.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Colds suck...

Colds suck in the Urban Hellhole. Especially head colds.

Sorry no posts until now, but you know...when no one is watching, etc.

Only a few weeks until Spring Training.