Thursday, November 12, 2009


...Thru my Urban Hellhole seems to be much easier here, than for other places. Mostly, I would say the greater area is better than most for bikers, runners/joggers and pedestrians.

I would say that about 80-90% of my friends/co-workers use some sort of public transit...the ones who use their own cars, do so out of convenience/cost than anything else, I believe. My only thought about it is: "Carsharing/pooling options...why don't we have more?" With that, Atrios has something to say about car sharing in his UH...enjoy.'s the typical (with all regards to Steve McGinn, pictured) get-up for the commute in and out. I think it's probably perfect biking weather, low 50's, cool/cold breeze. Winter smells are begining to take hold, and I'm sure I noticed a little Quebecoise in the air the other day. With the fact that we had snow in October, I'm still wishing for snow on my b-day...but alas, the 10-day don't look promising. There's always the internet web cams to look at...oh well.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy All Saint's Day!

November 1st (followed by All Soul's Day tomorrow) from the urban hellhole and alas, autumn's not too bad if you live in a city center with nice green space! This is from the Fens, an area just south of the Charles river and west of Back Bay.

I came across this tidbit while searching for something (I don't remember what it was...I'm old after all). Good to see my taxdollars at work...actually, I'm all for improving this wetlands area. It's funneh, but I used to think it strange for this area. Especially while coxswaining in the '80 and smelling the swampy odors waft onto the Charles.

I'd have to say that the reason we have a bit of "growth" in the economy may be the good use of funds for improvements. Whether that be an interchange in Kansas City or a small river in Boston, I'm all for improving the needs of local urban hellholes (although instead of an interchange, I'd rather see that cash go towards improving the roadway so it needs less maintenance...but you do what you can).

Some inter-tube linkys that are interesting too (no relation to posts, but still interesting):

Atrios re: tolls
Matthew Yglesias re: infrastructure/taxes

And I'm glad to hear about this in Philadelphia (especially during the World Series)...transit strikes are a real pain for everyone.

Here are more pictures for your enjoyment: