Thursday, February 11, 2010


Snow in the Urban Hellhole is rather mundane...unless it's over a meter's worth.

To wit:

Even a good hard downpour doesn't really slow you down when living in an efficient environ. I understand it's inconvenient when it snows, but still, get a'll all melt sooner and later. Then everyone will complain about the lack of a springtime and how hot it will be tomorrow.
I understand even my niece in suburban DC is even tired of the winter...heh!
Wait until it happens again in 8-11 years. It was like that in the years I lived there. Dumps of snow followed by years of golf weather in late January...funneh that Mother Nature.
I appreciate that the winter can suck sometimes...but so can the other seasons. Don't knock the cold...enjoy it. It ain't gonna last forever.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Colds suck...

Colds suck in the Urban Hellhole. Especially head colds.

Sorry no posts until now, but you know...when no one is watching, etc.

Only a few weeks until Spring Training.